Executive Prayer Partner

  Make focused prayer for your business a priority.

What is an "Executive Prayer Partner?"

The PrayerConx team has over 25 years of experience working in offices, meeting in boardrooms, and walking the halls of businesses across the country. 

We often asked ourselves what it might look like if the executives who believe in Jesus had a formal prayer partner to team-up to cover the business decisions, operations, and employees with routine prayer? 

That’s why we created this unique Executive Prayer Partner service and staffed it with committed Christian leaders and pastors who understand the roles, the burdens, and responsibility placed on executives running a business line or a company.

What does an Executive Prayer Partner Do?

We work with each executive individually to create a highly confidential engagement model that supports the executive the best. 

Often, the Prayer Partner operates in the background and performs services similar to the following:

  • A virtual or in-person prayer huddle with the executive
  • Prayer covering for strategic meetings and planning activities
  • Prayer support for growth, M&A, and even staff reduction activities
  • Per diem prayers to support board meetings, client meetings, or staff meetings
  • Prayer walks around their facilities 
  • And more!

Is the Prayer Partner a Paid Staff Position?

No, the Prayer Partners operate outside the organizational structure of the company and follow our “no price tag” policy. 

However, if the executive is inclined to pay for these services via a contract agreement through his/her company, then the Prayer Partner will establish a strategic advisory contract under "Conx Advisors" - the entity that oversees the PrayerConx project.

Conversely, if the executive wants to contribute to the services personally, he/she can do so through PrayerConx.com website directly. 

The bottomline, per our own policy, there are no requirements for payment.

Are the Prayer Partner Services Confidential?

Since the PrayerConx team members are business executives too, we are committed to the highest integrity and confidentiality. 

When requested, we protect the Prayer Partner and Executive relationship with a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, often using the standard M-NDA the executive’s organization or at the individual level.

PrayerConx will not disclose any business relationship with the executive or organization without written consent from the organization unless required to make a discloser according to state or federal courts of law.