PrayerConx's slow, but inspired beginnings...


The founders of PrayerConx believe people need prayer and people need to pray. But, too often prayer becomes routine or superficial, rarely expressing the passionate need or specific details that make for truly meaningful conversations with God. Or, prayer is just too hard for folks, too complex, or too mysterious. We help make people’s prayer life easy.

To make a long story short, the first prayer tools were authored in late 2016 - becoming what are now known as the Pray by Name Guides. The guides had limited distribution as we thought through the first topics to publish and how to scale. They were received really well and expand the rollout to small deployments within our kids ministry and in our adult small group.

Slowly, our team got organized and stepped out in faith to build the other prayer resources we believe God had for us to include in our initial PrayerConx launch. The two new services included the Executive Prayer Partner Program and the Prayer Training program. Thanks to God’s grace, wisdom, and patience, the “prayer connects” project - branded “PrayerConx” - officially launched in 2019.

Our unique and countercultural business model…

From the very beginning, the founders were convinced that no price tag will be placed on the products or services delivered through PrayerConx. This approach is in stark contrast to our founders entrepreneurial spirit and general business principles. However, PrayerConx is not a typical business. This countercultural “no price tag” model is in place today and will continue to be our go-forward strategy. 

How are we funded? Our prayer is that God will provide. How will he provide? We’re not 100% sure, but we are convinced that he will.

We also believe that if someone finds value in our services, they should have the opportunity to make a payment based solely on what they believe the services are worth or what God has inspired them to give. Today, people can order the services and make a payment decision based on what they feel led to pay. 

Crazy, right? Absolutely! But we can’t be happier with this approach.

Who is behind the PrayerConx project?


The family members that founded PrayerConx are dedicated Christians, love Jesus, are active in their local church, and are committed to service and discipleship. For years, the principal founder (aka a husband and a dad), has balanced a call into vocational ministry and a successful career in business. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel (2004) through the local authority of a well-respected Southern Baptist Church in Florida. The family is now active members in a large community church affiliated with the Convention in Southern California.

Today, the family is very involved in leading the movement and hands-on in the creation of PrayerConx resources. They conduct trainings and lead the Prayer Partner program for business executives across the country. So, chances are very good that you’ll work directly with them, but you won’t see too much chatter or promotion about them specifically. Why? Because this isn’t about them. It’s about helping people grow closer with God and others.

How can we help you?

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