Church & Small Group Training

Equipping groups to have deeper, more frequent conversations with God.

What are our Church & Small Group Trainings all about?

Our team loves to inspire and give tools to people that help them make praying about the daily details a natural part of life. We train people through virtual and on-site events to adopt easy methods to be more intentional and detailed with their prayers.

Our practical trainings greatly impact those who are doing the praying as well as those for whom the prayers are offered.

Easy Steps to Schedule Training

Step 1

 Click the Request Training Button.

Step 2

 Tell us about you and your organization.

Step 3

 Speak with our training team leader.

How Much Does the Training Cost?

If you are new to PrayerConx, then let us introduce you to our “no price tag” policy. All our services are offered at no cost. 

However, anyone who finds value in the services can chose to pay in whatever amount they wish or whatever amount aligns with what they feel led by God to contribute.

Crazy, right?

Who Typically Attends Trainings?

Our virtual and in-person training workshops are designed for group leaders and members of their group. Often, this includes:

  • Church small groups
  • Sunday school classes
  • Prayer committees
  • Pastors and church staff
  • Ministry teams and staff/volunteers (Kids, Youth, Adults)
  • Full congregations in church services 
  • Corporate leadership teams

No matter the audience, we work to orchestrate a training curriculum to meet the needs of the organization. Standard components of the training plans include a review of the importance of prayer, how to get intentionally in the weeds with details in our prayer life, and how to use prayer resources as outreach and evangelism tools.

What Are The Training Options?

Let’s discuss your needs and our availability. We offer virtual trainings and on-site options pending availability. Our founder also welcomes the opportunity to speak at your church for a special event or if your church is in need of someone to fill in (supply-preach) during a Saturday or Sunday worship service.